Project Progress Measurement under the Circumstance of Interrupted Schedule

Yun-Tao Guo, Shao-Ting Yang, Lin Wang, Shu-Juan Luo

Earned Value Method (EVM) is a project management technique for measuring both project progress and performance in project activities. Unfortunately, this method could not provide credible data in project progress measurement these days due to its deficiency. Thus, a new method called Earned Schedule (ES) is designed to cover EVMs limitation. Considering the fact that researches on ES are focus on simply project under certainty, this paper is to fill in the blank of uncertainty. In this paper, a new concept called interrupted Earned Schedule (iES) and its indicators are presented considering the situation of interrupted schedule when doing project progress measurement. This concept can o er accurate description about schedule interrupted project of its progress measurement. With the help of a model project, iES and its indicators are proven practicable. Moreover, a comparison between iES and ES of a schedule interrupted project shows priority of the former one.