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A Fixed Point Theorem for a New Class of Set-Valued Mappings in R-Complete (Not Necessarily Complete) Metric Spaces 3875 - 3884
Hamid Baghani and Maryam Ramezani  
AbstractKeywords: Hausdorff metric; Set–valued contraction; Nadler’s fixed point theorem; Mizoguchi–Takahashi’s fixed point theorem; R-regular and R-complete metric spaceMSC: 47H10; 47H04DOI:
Lagrangian Submersions from Normal Almost Contact Manifolds 3885 - 3895
Hakan Mete Tastan  
AbstractKeywords: Riemannian submersion; Lagrangian submersion; horizontal distribution; Sasakian manifold; Kenmotsu manifoldMSC: 53C15; 53B20DOI:
Second Hankel Determinant Problem for k-bi-starlike Functions 3897 - 3904
Halit Orhan, Evrim Toklu and Ekrem Kadıoglu  
AbstractKeywords: analytic and univalent functions; bi-univalent functions; Hankel determinant; k-bi-starlike functionMSC: 30C45DOI:
A Remark on the Ball-Covering Property of Product Spaces 3905 - 3908
Zhenghua Luo, Jianglai Liu and Bo Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Product space; Ball-covering property; Equivalent normsMSC: 46B20; 46B03DOI:
Maps Preserving 2-Idempotency of Certain Products of Operators 3909 - 3916
Hossein Khodaiemehr and Fereshteh Sady  
AbstractKeywords: completely preserving; idempotent; standard operator algebras; idempotency of product preservingMSC: 47B49; 16W10DOI:
Real Hypersurfaces with Pseudo-parallel Normal Jacobi Operator in Complex Two-Plane Grassmannians 3917 - 3923
Avik De and Tee-How Loo  
AbstractKeywords: Complex two-plane Grassmannians; semi-parallel normal Jacobi operator; pseudo-parallel normal Jacobi operatorMSC: 53C40; 53B25; 53C15DOI:
Partial Domination - the Isolation Number of a Graph 3925 - 3944
Yair Caro and Adriana Hansberg  
AbstractKeywords: isolation; domination; independent setMSC: 05C69DOI:
Characteristic Properties of Scattering Data of a Boundary Value Problem 3945 - 3951
Özgür Mızrak, Khanlar R Mamedov and Azamat M Akhtyamov  
AbstractKeywords: scattering; Sturm-Liouville operator; Levinson formulaMSC: 34B07; 34B08; 34B24; 34L25DOI:
Scalarized Solutions of Set-Valued Optimization Problems and Generalized Variational-like Inequalities 3953 - 3963
Morteza Oveisiha and Mansoureh Aghabagloo  
AbstractKeywords: Asplund space; Normal subdifferential; generalized convexity; Set-valued Optimization problems; Variational-like inequalityMSC: 26B25; 47N10; 65K10DOI:
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