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A Note on a Competitive Lotka-Volterra Model with Lévy Noise 3741 - 3748
Sheng Wang, Linshan Wang and Tengda Wei  
AbstractKeywords: Lotka-Volterra model; Lévy noise; Stochastic permanenceMSC: 60H10; 60J75; 60J28DOI:
On αβ-Statistical Convergence for Sequences of Fuzzy Mappings and Korovkin Type Approximation Theorem 3749 - 3760
Ali Karaisa and Ugur Kadak  
AbstractKeywords: Statistical convergence of fuzzy sequences; αβ-summable sequences; fuzzy Korovkin-type approximation; fuzzy Bernstein operatorMSC: 40C05; 40G15; 03E72; 08A72DOI:
Conditions for Approaching the Origin without Intersecting the x-axis in the Liénard Plane 3761 - 3770
Asadollah Aghajani, Mohsen Mirafzal and Donald O'Regan  
AbstractKeywords: Liénard system; Homoclinic orbit; Oscillation; Limit cycleMSC: 34C05; 70K05DOI:
Geometry of Warped Product Pointwise Semi-Slant Submanifolds of Kaehler Manifolds 3771 - 3788
Akram Ali, Siraj Uddin and Wan Ainun Mior Othman  
AbstractKeywords: Warped products; pointwise semi-slant; inequalities; characterizations; compact submanifolds; Kaehler manifolds; complex space formsMSC: 53C40; 53C42; 53B25DOI:
A New Expression for the Transform with Respect to the Gaussian Process 3789 - 3799
Seung Jun Chang, Hyun Soo Chung and Il Yong Lee  
AbstractKeywords: Fourier transform; ∗w-product; first variation; Gaussian processMSC: 60J25; 28C20DOI:
The n-Inverses of a Matrix 3801 - 3813
Caixing Gu, Heidi Keas and Robert Lee  
AbstractKeywords: generalized inverse; n-inverse of a matrix; nilpotent matrix; matrix equationMSC: 15A12; 15A24 47A05; 47A62DOI:
Strong Convergence of the Tamed Euler Method for Stochastic Differential Equations with Piecewise Continuous Arguments and Poisson Jumps 3815 - 3836
Huizi Yang, Minghui Song, Mingzhu Liu and Hong Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Stochastic differential equations with piecewise continuous arguments and Poisson jumps(SEPCAwjs); Tamed Euler method; ConvergenceMSC: 60H10; 97N40; 40A99DOI:
Pre-Hausdorff and Hausdorff Proximity Spaces 3837 - 3846
Muammer Kula, Samed Özkan and Tugba Maraslı  
AbstractKeywords: topological category; proximity space; proximity mapping; pre-Hausdorff; HausdorffMSC: 54B30; 54D10; 54A05; 54E05; 18B99DOI:
Moore-Penrose Inverse in Indefinite Inner Product Spaces 3847 - 3857
Ivana M Radojević and Dragan S Djordjević  
AbstractKeywords: Moore-Penrose inverse; indefinite inner product; adjoint; linear relationMSC: 15A09; 15A63; 46C20DOI:
The Split Common Fixed Point Problem of two Infinite Families of Demicontractive Mappings and the Split Common Null Point Problem 3859 - 3874
Ali Abkar and Elahe Shahrosvand  
AbstractKeywords: split common fixed point; split common null point; split monotone variational inclusion; demicontractive mapping; directed operator; quasi-nonexpansive mappingMSC: 47H10; 47H09DOI:
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