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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 20_2Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Guest Editorial: Machine Learning-based Decision Support Systems in IoT systems  
Mu-Yen Chen, Jose de Jesus Rubio and Mirjana Ivanović  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
Adaptive Multiscale Sparse Unmixing for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image 551 - 572
Yalan Li, Yixuan Li, Wenwu Xie, Qian Du, Jing Yuan, Shang Lin and Liand Qi Chen  
AbstractKeywords: adaptive multiscale sparse hyperspectral unmixing algorithm; loss functions; regularization parameters; maximum a posteriori.MSC: 68T10; 62M10
Evaluation of Smart City Construction and Optimization of City Brand Model under Neural Networks 573 - 593
Yingji Li, Yufeng Qian, Qiang Li and Linna Li  
AbstractKeywords: neural network model; smart city; construction and development; city brandMSC: 68T20; 62M45
Security Performance Analysis of Active Intelligent Reflective Surface Assisted Wireless Communication 595 - 607
Yiming Li, Xitao Liang, Wenwu Xie and Juan Zhu  
AbstractKeywords: IRS; physical layer secrecy; convex optimizationMSC: 68M10; 62H30
Content-only attention Network for Social Recommendation 609 - 629
Bin Wu, Tao Zhang and Yeh-Cheng Chen  
AbstractKeywords: recommender system; social network; content-only multi-relational attention networkMSC: 68T10; 91D30
Machine Learning-based Intelligent Weather Modification Forecast in Smart City Potential Area 631 - 656
Zengyuan Chao  
AbstractKeywords: artificial intelligence; machine learning; weather modification operation; intelligent forecast; decision treeMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Predicting Smart Cities' Electricity Demands Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm in Smart Grid 657 - 678
Shurui Wang, Aifeng Song and Yufeng Qian  
AbstractKeywords: smart city; smart grid; electricity prediction model; K-means clustering algorithm; back propagation neural networkMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Using Machine Learning Approach to Construct the People Flow Tracking System for Smart Cities 679 - 700
Baofeng Yao, Shijun Liu and Lei Wang  
AbstractKeywords: smart city; machine learning; machine vision; people flow tracking system; YOLOv3MSC: 68T10; 62H30
Using neural network to automatic manufacture product label in enterprise under IoT environments 701 - 722
Kai Zhang and Chongjie Dong  
AbstractKeywords: artificial intelligence (AI); machine learning; random forest; neural 24 network; automatic product labelMSC: 68T10; 62M45
Using deep learning to automatic inspection system of printed circuit board in manufacturing industry under the internet of Things 723 - 741
Kai Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: deep learning; digital image processing; printed circuit board (PCB); automatic inspection systemMSC: 68U10; 62H30
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