Using deep learning to automatic inspection system of printed circuit board in manufacturing industry under the internet of Things

Kai Zhang

Industry 4.0 is currently the goal of many factories, promoting manufacturing factories and sustainable operation. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is a part of automation. Products in the production line are usually inspected visually by operators. Due to human fatigue and inconsistent standards, product inspections still have defects. In this study, the sample component assembly printed circuit board (PCB), PCB provided by the company was tested for surface components. The types of defects on the surface of the PCB include missing parts, multiple parts, and wrong parts. At present, the company is still using visual inspection by operators, the PCB surface components are more complex. In order to reduce labor costs and save the development time required for different printed circuit boards. In the proposed method, we use digital image processing, positioning correction algorithm, and deep learning YOLO for identification, and use 450 images and 10500 components of the PCB samples. The result and contribution of this paper shows the total image recognition rate is 92% and the total component recognition rate reaches 99%, and they are effective. It could use on PCB for different light, different color backplanes, and different material numbers, and the detection compatibility reaches 98%.