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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 20_2Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Large-scale Image Classification with Multi-perspective Deep Transfer Learning 743 - 763
Bin Wu, Tao Zhang and Li Mao  
AbstractKeywords: large-scale image classification; channel attention module; spatial attention module; interpretability of the model; multiple scalesMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Using Artificial Intelligence Assistant Technology to Develop Animation Games on IoT 765 - 792
Rong Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: artificial intelligence assistant; animation games; neural network; object-oriented modular; fuzzy state machineMSC: 68T30; 62M45
Pedestrian attribute recognition based on dual self-attention Mechanism 793 - 812
Zhongkui Fan and Ye-peng Guan  
AbstractKeywords: pedestrian attribute recognition; spatial self-attention; semantic self-attention; deep learningMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Inverse Halftoning Based on Sparse Representation with Boosted Dictionary 813 - 829
Jun Yang, Zihao Liu, Li Chen, Ying Wu and Gang Ke  
AbstractKeywords: inverse halftoning; deconvolution; sparse representation; error diffusionMSC: 68T10; 94C15
Selective Ensemble Learning Algorithm for Imbalanced Dataset 831 - 856
Hongle Du, Yan Zhang, Lin Zhang and Yeh-Cheng Chen  
AbstractKeywords: under sampling; imbalanced dataset; clustering algorithm; selective ensemble learningMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Personalization Exercise Recommendation Framework based on Knowledge Concept Graph 857 - 878
Zhang Yan, Du Hongle, Zhang Lin and Zhao Jianhua  
AbstractKeywords: personalization exercise recommendation; course knowledge graph; deep knowledge tracing; knowledge conceptMSC: 68T30; 97C30
The Duration Threshold of Video Content Observation: An Experimental Investigation of Visual Perception efficiency 879 - 892
Jianping Song, Tianran Tang and Guosheng Hu  
AbstractKeywords: video editing; human visual system; perceived efficiency; footage duration; video informationMSC: 68T10; 62H30
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