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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 20_1Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Blockchain-based model for tracking compliance with security requirements 359 - 380
Jelena Marjanović, Nikola Dalčeković and Goran Sladić  
AbstractKeywords: industrial control systems; secure development lifecycle; blockchainMSC: 68N30; 68M14
The Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Prediction of Quality of Life Features for Cancer Patients 381 - 404
Miloš Savić, Vladimir Kurbalija, Mihailo Ilić, Mirjana Ivanović, Dušan Jakovetić, Antonios Valachis, Serge Autexier, Johannes Rust and Thanos Kosmidis  
AbstractKeywords: quality of life; cancer patients; predictive models; federated learning; breast cancer; prostate cancerMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Internet of Things and agent-based system to improve water use efficiency in collective irrigation 405 - 421
Abdelouafi Ikidid, Abdelaziz El Fazziki and Mohamed Sadgal  
AbstractKeywords: agent technology; smart irrigation; sensors; internet of thingsMSC: 68T42; 68M11
Combining Offline and On-the-fly Disambiguation to perform Semantic-aware XML Querying 423 - 457
Joe Tekli, Gilbert Tekli and Richard Chbeir  
AbstractKeywords: semi-structured data; XML; semantic disambiguation; keyword search; query processingMSC: 68T50; 62H30
Data-centric UML Profile for Agroecology Applications: Agricultural Autonomous Robots Monitoring Case Study 459 - 489
Sandro Bimonte, Hassan Badir, Pietro Battistoni, Houssam Bazza, Amina Belhassena, Christophe Cariou, Gerard Chalhoub, Juan Carlos Corrales, Adrian Couvent, Jean Laneurit, Rim Moussa, Julian Eduardo Plazas, Monica Sebillo and Nicolas Tricot  
AbstractKeywords: data analytics; internet of things; conceptual modeling; UML profileMSC: 68T30; 68M11
Optimizing Data Locality by Executor Allocation in Spark Computing Environment 491 - 512
Zhongming Fu, Mengsi He, Zhuo Tang and Yang Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: communication distance; data locality; executor allocation; spark frame-workMSC: 68M14; 62H30
Efficient Neural Network Accelerators with Optical Computing and Communication 513 - 535
Chengpeng Xia, Yawen Chen, Haibo Zhang, Hao Zhang, Fei Dai and Jigang Wu  
AbstractKeywords: optical neural networks; optical interconnection networks; neural network acceleratorMSC: 68M10; 62H30
Human Action Recognition Based on Skeleton Features 537 - 550
Yi Gao, Haitao Wu, Xinmeng Wu, Zilin Li and Xiaofan Zhao  
AbstractKeywords: Human Action Recognition; Gist; OpenPose; Euclidean Distance; Thermodynamic DiagramMSC: 68T10; 62H30
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