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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 19_3Date: 2022Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović, Miloš Radovanović and Vladimir Kurbalija  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
Guest Editorial - Interactive and Innovative Technologies for Smart Education  
Fadi Al-Turjman and Mirjana Ivanović  
MSC: 68-00; 68-02
Blockchain-based Raw Material Shipping with PoC in Hyperledger Composer 1075 - 1092
Hemraj Saini, Satyabrata Dash, Subhendu Pani, Maria José Sousa and Álvaro Rocha  
AbstractKeywords: blockchain; SCRM; PoC; hyperledger; raw materialMSC: 68M14; 94A60
An Innovative Quality Lane Change Evaluation Scheme based on Reliable Crowd-ratings 1093 - 1114
Konstantinos Psaraftis, Theodoros Anagnostopoulos and Klimis Ntalianis  
AbstractKeywords: crowdsourcing; intelligent transportation systems; subjective ratings; lane change evaluation; bias reduction; malicious activities; fuzzy logicMSC: 68T42; 62H30
COVID-19 Datasets: A Brief Overview 1115 - 1132
Ke Sun, Wuyang Li, Vidya Saikrishna, Mehmood Chadhar and Feng Xia  
AbstractKeywords: COVID-19; data science; datasets; artificial intelligenceMSC: 68T30; 62H30
Development of Recommendation Systems Using Game Theoretic Techniques 1133 - 1154
Evangelos Sofikitis and Christos Makris  
AbstractKeywords: recommendation system; game theory; genetic algorithmMSC: 68U35; 91A12
Effective methods for Email Classification: Is it a Business or Personal Email? 1155 - 1175
Milena Šošić and Jelena Graovac  
AbstractKeywords: email classification; business; personal; deep learning; BiLSTM; SGD; BERT embeddings; Tf-Idf; lexicons; NLPMSC: 68T10; 62H30
Re-evaluation of the CNN-based state-of-the-art crowd-counting methods with enhancements 1177 - 1198
Matija Teršek, Maša Kljun, Peter Peer and Žiga Emeršič  
AbstractKeywords: crowd counting; convolutional neural networks; deep learningMSC: 68T10; 62M45
A novel approach for sEMG gesture recognition using resource-constrained hardware platforms 1199 - 1212
Matı́as J. Micheletto, Carlos I. Chesñevar and Rodrigo M. Santos  
AbstractKeywords: sEMG; gesture recognition; autoencoder; decision trees; nearest neigh-boorsMSC: 68T10; 62H30
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