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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 19_2Date: 2022Journal Homepage

A Consortium Blockchain-Based Information Management System For Unmanned Vehicle Logistics 935 - 955
Manjie Zhai, Dezhi Han, Chin-Chen Chang and Zhijie Sun  
AbstractKeywords: Blockchain; Logistics; Attribute-based access control; Hyperledger Fabric; Smart contractMSC: 68M10 94C15
A Dockerized Big Data Architecture for Sports Analytics 957 - 978
Yavuz Melih Özgüven, Utku Gönener and Süleyman Eken  
AbstractKeywords: big data; sports analytics; containers; wearable devices; IoT; reproducible researchMSC: 68M14 68P15
A Novel Hybrid Recommender System Approach for Student Academic Advising Named COHRS, Supported by Case-based Reasoning and Ontology 979 - 1005
Charbel Obeid, Christine Lahoud, Hicham El Khoury and Pierre-Antoine Champin  
AbstractKeywords: Knowledge base; Collaborative Filtering; Hybrid Recommender System; Case-based Reasoning; OntologyMSC: 68T30 62H30
A Machine Learning approach for learning temporal point process 1007 - 1022
Andrija Petrović, Aleksa Biserčić, Boris Delibašić and Dimitrije Milenković  
AbstractKeywords: temporal point process; Hawkes process; Poisson process; highway traffic prediction; ski injury predictionMSC: 68T10 62H30
Dynamic Network Modelling with Similarity based Aggregation Algorithm 1023 - 1046
Günce Keziban Orman  
AbstractKeywords: dynamic networks; data compression; proper time intervals; algorithmMSC: 91D30 94C15
A Low-Cost AR Training System for Manual Assembly Operations 1047 - 1073
Traian Lavric, Emmanuel Bricard, Marius Preda and Titus Zaharia  
AbstractKeywords: augmented reality; training; authoring tool; work instructions; industry 4.0; assemblyMSC: 68U35 68U20
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