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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 11_2Date: 2001Journal Homepage

Fejer Methods for Solving Infinite Systems of Convex Inequalities 131 - 150
Sergey V. Patsko  
AbstractKeywords: Convex inequalities, fejer maps.
Qualitative Investigation of a Model of Economic Growth 151 - 170
A.N. Golovtsov  
AbstractKeywords: Economic growth, qualitative investigation, averaging, phase pattern.MSC: 91B62Zbl: 0998.91040
Optimization of Investments in Rail-Highway Crossings 171 - 177
Milan Marković, Slobodan Guberinić and Tatjana Janković  
AbstractKeywords: Transport, optimization, railway, traffic safety.
Multiple Criteria Decision Making for Power Generation Investment Planning Under Restrictions of Aggregate Emission Control 179 - 210
Earl Juei Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Linear programming, multiple criteria decision, cost effectiveness, environmental options.MSC: 90B50 90C05Zbl: 0999.90020
Map: a Method of Multiattributive Prognostication of Mineral Resources 211 - 220
Slobodan Vujić  
AbstractKeywords: MAP, multiattributive prognostication, mineral resources.MSC: 90B99Zbl: 0999.90501
Modal Split Modelling Using Multicriteria Analysis and Discrete Fuzzy Sets 221 - 233
Jadranka J. Jović and Maja M. Popović  
AbstractKeywords: Modal split, fuzzy sets, multicriteria analysis.
Managing Uncertainty in the Construction Industry Through the Rough Set Theory 235 - 249
Goran Ćirović  
AbstractKeywords: Rough set, construction industry, uncertainty, artificial intelligence, decision rules.
Normalisation Affects The Results of MADM Methods 251 - 265
Dubravka M. Pavličić  
AbstractKeywords: Multiple attribute decision making, normalisation procedures.MSC: 91B06Zbl: 1074.91510

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