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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 66 (80)Date: 1999Journal Homepage
The papers in this special issue of "Publications de l'Institute Mathematique de Belgrade" represent a careful selection of some of the papers presented on the conference "Geometric Combinatorics" (August 28 to September 2, 1998, Kotor, Yugoslavia) or other papers started and finished during the conference or immediately after its conclusion. The editors of this issue are Rade Živaljević and Siniša Vrećica.

Preface 1 - 2
Siniša Vrećica and Rade Živaljević  
The Generalized Baues Problem for Cyclic Polytopes II 3 - 15
Christios A. Athanasiadis, Jörg Rambau and Francisco Santos  
AbstractMSC: 52B11 05E25Zbl: 1009.52023
Universal Counting of Lattice Points in Polytopes 16 - 22
Imre Bárány and Jean-Michel Kantor  
AbstractMSC: 52B20 52A27Zbl: 0954.52014
Topology Preserving Edge Contraction 23 - 45
Tamal K. Dey, Herbert Edelsbrunner, Sumanta Guha and Dmitry V. Nekhayev  
AbstractMSC: 57N80 68Q25
Cell Decomposition of Satake Compactifications 46 - 90
Mark McConnell  
AbstractMSC: 14L30 05E15
Lecture Notes on Quantum Cohomology of the Flag Manifold 91 - 100
Sergey Fomin  
AbstractMSC: 14N35 05E15Zbl: 1058.14068
Vassiliev Invariants of Doodles, Ornaments, Etc. 101 - 126
Alexander B. Merkov  
AbstractMSC: 57M25 57M99Zbl: 0947.57006
Homotopy Classification of Nondegenerate Quasiperiodic Curves on the 2-sphere 127 - 156
B. Z. Shapiro and B. A. Khesin  
AbstractMSC: 53C15 34A20 55R65
Rational Model of Subspace Complement on Atomic Complex 157 - 164
Sergey Yuzvinsky  
AbstractMSC: 52B30 05B35Zbl: 0954.52024

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