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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 102 (116)Date: 2017Journal Homepage

The Beginnings of Mathematical Institutions in Serbia 1 - 16
Aleksandar Nikolić  
AbstractKeywords: Belgrade Higher School; Mathematical Seminar; Mathematical Institute; University of Belgrade; Serbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsMSC: 01A60;01A72;01A73;01A74DOI:
Piunikhin-Salamon-Schwarz Isomorphisms and Spectral Invariants for Conormal Bundle 17 - 47
Jovana Đuretić  
AbstractKeywords: conormal bundle; Floer homology; spectral invariants; homology productMSC: 53D40 53D12;57R58;57R17DOI:
Positive Energy Unitary Irreducible Representations of the Superalgebra $\operatorname{osp}(1|8,\mathbb R)$ 49 - 60
Vladinir Dobrev and Igor Salom  
AbstractKeywords: unitary representation; Verma module; singular vector; subsingular vectorMSC: 17B10 17B35; 81R05DOI:
Contact Blow Up and Cylindrical Contact Homology of Toric Contact Manifolds of Reeb Type 61 - 71
Aleksandra Marinković  
AbstractKeywords: toric contact manifold; contact blow up; cylindrical contact homologyMSC: 53D10; 57R17DOI:
The Remainder Term of Gauss--Radau Quadrature Rule With Single and Double end Point 73 - 84
Ljubica Mihić  
AbstractKeywords: Gauss--Radau quadrature formula; Chebyshev weight function; remainder termMSC: 41A55 65D30; 65D32DOI:
Bi-Lipschitzity of Quasiconformal Harmonic Mappings in $n$-Dimensional Space With Respect to $k$-Metric 85 - 91
Shadia Shalandi  
AbstractKeywords: harmonic maps; quasi-conformal maps; k-metric; bi-Lipschitz mapsMSC: 30C65; 42B37DOI:
$f$-Kenmotsu Manifolds With the Schouten-Van Kampen Connection 93 - 105
Ahmet Yıldız  
AbstractKeywords: Schouten--van Kampen connection; $f$-Kenmotsu manifolds; Ricci-semisymmetric; semisymmetric; Einstein manifold; $\eta$-Einstein manifoldMSC: 53C15; 53C25; 53C50DOI:
A New Theorem on Absolute Matrix Summability of Fourier Series 107 - 113
Şebnem Yildiz  
AbstractKeywords: summability factors; absolute matrix summability; Fourier series; infinite series; Hölder inequality; Minkowski inequalityMSC: 26D15;42A24;40F05;40G99DOI:
Cohomological Dimensions With Respect To Sum And Intersection Of Ideals 115 - 120
Alireza Vahidi  
AbstractKeywords: cohomological dimensions; Generalized local cohomology modules; Local cohomology modulesMSC: 13D05 13D45DOI:
Fractional Black--Scholes Model With Regularized Prabhakar Derivative 121 - 132
Shiva Eshaghi, Alireza Ansari, Reza Khoshsiar Ghaziani and Mohammadreza Ahmadi Darani  
AbstractKeywords: generalized fractional Black--Scholes equation; regularized Prabhakar derivative; generalized Mittag-leffler function; reconstruction of variational iteration method; Laplace transformMSC: 62P05; 26A33DOI:
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