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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 101 (115)Date: 2017Journal Homepage

New Immersion Theorems for Grassmann Manifolds $G_{3,n}$ 1 - 10
Zoran Z. Petrović and Branislav I. Prvulović  
AbstractKeywords: Grassmannians; immersions; Gröbner bases; modified Postnikov towersMSC: 57R42;55S45;55R40 13P10DOI:
L'Hôpital's Monotone Rule, Gromov's Theorem, and Operations That Preserve the Monotonicity of Quotients 11 - 24
Ricardo Estrada and Miroslav Pavlović  
AbstractKeywords: Monotonicity; L'Hôpital's monotone rule; Gromov's theoremMSC: 26A48;26D10DOI:
Ruled Three Dimensional CR Submanifolds of the Sphere $S^6(1)$ 25 - 35
Miroslava Antić  
AbstractKeywords: CR submanifold; nearly Kähler six sphere; ruled submanifoldsMSC: 53B25 53C42;53C40DOI:
Asymptotics of Quantum Contract Signing 37 - 45
Vladimir Božin and Hana Louka  
AbstractKeywords: Quantum information theory; asymptotic behaviourMSC: 81P68; 41A60DOI:
On Reduction of Automata in Labyrinths 47 - 63
Goran Kilibarda  
AbstractKeywords: automaton; labyrinth; behavior of automata in labyrinthsMSC: 68Q99DOI:
Characterization of Diagonally Dominant H-Matrices 65 - 73
Nenad Morača  
AbstractKeywords: diagonal dominance; nonsingularity results; M-matrices; H-matrices; matrix digraphMSC: 65F15; 65F99DOI:
The Normalization Theorem for Extended Natural Deduction 75 - 98
Mirjana Borisavljević  
AbstractKeywords: cut elimination; normalizationMSC: 03F05DOI:
The Cycle Index of the Automorphism Group of $\mathbb Z_n$ 99 - 108
Vladimir Bozovic and Žana Kovijanić Vukićević  
AbstractKeywords: cycle index; automorphism group of $\mathbb{Z}_n$MSC: 05E99 20B40;20C40DOI:
On Construction of Orthogonal $d$-ary Operations 109 - 119
Smile Markovski and Aleksandra Mileva  
AbstractKeywords: Latin hypercube; orthogonal hypercubes; orthogonal functions; recursively differentiable quasigroupsMSC: 05B15; 20N05; 20N15DOI:
On the Number of Subgroups of a Given Exponent in a Finite Abelian Group 121 - 133
Marius Tărnăuceanu and László Tóth  
AbstractKeywords: finite Abelian group; subgroup; exponentMSC: 20K01 20K27;11N37DOI:
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