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On Weakly Clean and Weakly Exchange Rings Having the Strong Property 135 - 142
Peter V. Danchev  
AbstractKeywords: weakly clean rings; clean rings; exchange rings; weakly exchange rings; strongly invo-regular ringsMSC: 16S34DOI:
A Note on the Fekete--Szegö Problem For Close-To-Convex Functions With Respect to Convex Functions 143 - 149
Bogumila Kowalczyk, Adam Lecko and H. M. Srivastava  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; convex functions; Fekete--Szegö problem; Hankel determinant; Taylor-Maclaurin coefficients; close-to-convex functions with respect to a convex function; Carathéodory class; Schwarz functionsMSC: 30C45DOI:
On the Mikusiński--Antosik Diagonal Theorem and the Equivalence of Two Types of Convergence in Köthe Spaces 151 - 160
Andrzej Kamiński and Slawomir Sorek  
AbstractKeywords: quasi-normed group; sliding-hump technique; diagonal theorems; Köthe spaces; boundedness and convergence in Köthe spacesMSC: 15A45; 40H05 46A03DOI:
On a Subclass of Multivalent Close to Convex Functions 161 - 168
Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Ayaz and Janusz Sokó  
AbstractKeywords: close-to-convex functions; Janowski functions; multivalent functions; subordination; starlike functionsMSC: 30C45 30C10; 47B38DOI:
Absolute and Uniform Convergence of Spectral Expansion of the Function From the Class $W_p^1(G)$, $p>1$, in Eigenfunctions of Third Order Differential Operator 169 - 182
V. M. Kurbanov and E. B. Akhundova  
AbstractKeywords: absolute convergence; uniform convergence; eigen functions; spectral expansionMSC: 34L10; 42A20DOI:
On Matsumoto Change of $m$-th Root Finsler Metrics 183 - 190
Akbar Tayebi and Mohammad Shahbazi Nia  
AbstractKeywords: Matsumoto change; locally dually flat metric; projectively flat metric; m-th root metricMSC: 53B40 53C60DOI:
Representation With Majorant of the Schwarz Lemma at the Boundary 191 - 196
Bülent Nafi Örnek and Tuğba Akyel  
AbstractKeywords: Schwarz lemma; Holomorphic function; Blaschke product; Hopf's lemma on the discMSC: 30C80 32A10DOI:
A New Perspective for Multivalued Weakly Picard Operators 197 - 204
Gonca Durmaz and Ishak Altun  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; weakly Picard operator; multivalued almost contraction; multivalued almost $\theta$-contractionMSC: 47H10 54H25DOI:
Neighbourhood Conditions for Fractional ID-$[a,b]$-Factor-Critical Graphs 205 - 212
Yuan Yuan and Zhiren Sun  
AbstractKeywords: graph; neighbourhood condition; fractional $[a;b]$-factor; fractional ID-$[a;b]$-factor-critical graphMSC: 05C70DOI:
The Mapping $i_2$ on the Free Paratopological Groups 213 - 221
Fucai Lin and Chuan Liu  
AbstractKeywords: free paratopological groups; quotient mappings; closed mappings; finest quasi-uniformityMSC: 22A30 54D10; 54E99; 54H99DOI:
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