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Rings in Which the Power of Every Element Is the Sum of an Idempotent and a Unit 133 - 148
Huanyin Chen and Marjan Sheibani  
AbstractKeywords: idempotent unit; Jacobson radical; uniquely clean ring; $\pi$-uniquely clean ringsMSC: 16S34;16U60;16U99;16E50DOI:
On a Property of Stirling Polynomials 149 - 153
Farid Bencherif and Tarek Garici  
AbstractKeywords: Stirling numbers; Nörlund polynomials; Bernoulli numbersMSC: 11B68; 11B39; 05A40DOI:
Explicit and Asymptotic Formulae for Vasyunin--Cotangent Sums 155 - 174
Mouloud Goubi, Abdelmejid Bayad and Mohand Ouamar Hernane  
AbstractKeywords: Vasyunin-cotangent sum; Estermann zeta function; fractional part function; Riemann hypothesisMSC: 11B99; 11F67; 11E45 11M26; 11B68DOI:
Willmore Spacelike Submanifolds in an Indefinite Space Form $\boldsymbol{N^{n+p}_q(c)}$ 175 - 193
Shichang Shu and Junfeng Chen  
AbstractKeywords: indefinite space form; Willmore spacelike submanifold; totally umbilical; Euler-Lagrange equationMSC: 53C42 53C40DOI:
Topologically Boolean and $g(x)$-Clean Rings 195 - 202
Angelina Yan Mui Chin and Kiat Tat Qua  
AbstractKeywords: $g(x)$-clean; $n$-clean; topologically booleanMSC: 16U99DOI:
Korovkin Type Theorem For Functions Of Two Variables Via Lacunary Equistatistical Convergence} 203 - 209
M. Mursaleen  
AbstractKeywords: statistical convergence; lacunary equistatistical convergence; positive linear operator; Korovkin type approximation theoremMSC: 41A10;41A25;41A36 40A30;40G15DOI:
Applications of $(p,q)$-gamma Function to Szász Durrmeyer Operators 211 - 220
Ali Aral and Vijay Gupta  
AbstractKeywords: $(p;q)$-Gamma function; $(p;q)$-Szász--Durrmeyer operators; direct estimates; modulus of continuityMSC: 33B15 41A25DOI:
Kenmotsu Manifolds With Generalized Tanaka--Webster Connection 221 - 230
Gopal Ghosh and Uday Chand De  
AbstractKeywords: Kenmotsu manifolds; $g$-Tanaka--Webster connection; Einstein manifold; Ricci tensor; concircular curvature tensorMSC: 53C05 53D15DOI:
Refinements of some Limit Hardy-Type Inequalities Via Superquadracity 231 - 240
James Adedayo Oguntuase, Lars-Erik Persson, Olabiyi Olanrewaju Fabelurin and Abdullaziz G. Adeagbo-Sheikh  
AbstractKeywords: Hardy-type inequalities; superquadratic functions; sharp constants; weight functionsMSC: 34A34 34D20; 34D23; 34D99DOI:
Transforms for Minimal Surfaces in 5-Dimensional Space Forms 241 - 246
Makoto Sakaki  
AbstractKeywords: minimal surface; space form; transform; ellipse of curvatureMSC: 53A10 53B25DOI:
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