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Gromov Minimal Fillings for Finite Metric Spaces 3 - 15
Alexander O. Ivanov and Alexey A. Tuzhilin  
AbstractKeywords: finite metric spaces, Gromov minimal fillings, Steiner minimal trees, extreme networks, Steiner ratio, additive spacesMSC: 51F99 51K99
Minkowski Plane, Confocal Conics, and Billiards 17 - 30
Vladimir Dragović and Milena Radnović  
AbstractKeywords: Poncelet theorem, periodic billiard trajectories, light-like billiard trajectoriesMSC: 37J3 70H06 70H12
The Schouten-van Kampen Affine Connections Adapted to Almost (Para)Contact Metric Structures 31 - 42
Zbigniew Olszak  
AbstractKeywords: Schouten-van Kampen affine connection, almost contact metric manifold, almost paracontact metric manifold, distributionMSC: 53C25 53C07 53C15 53D15
A Note on Rakić Duality Principle for Osserman Manifolds 43 - 45
Yuri Nikolayevsky and Zoran Rakić  
AbstractKeywords: Jacobi operator, Osserman manifold, duality principleMSC: 53B20 53C25
$\mathcal D$-homothetic Warping 47 - 54
David E. Blair  
Keywords: contact metric manifold, cosymplectic manifold, D-homothetic deformation, D-homothetic warping, Kenmotsu manifold, preferred direction in spaceMSC: 53C15 53C25 53D10 52D15 83F05
On the Converse of Weyl's Conformal and Projective Theorems 55 - 65
Graham Hall  
AbstractMSC: 53A20 53A30 53C50
Group Classification of Variable Coefficient Quasilinear Reaction-diffusion Equations 81 - 90
Olena Vaneeva and Alexander Zhalij  
AbstractKeywords: group classification, reaction-diffusion equations, Lie symmetry, admissible transformations, equivalence transformationsMSC: 35A30 35K57
4-Dimensional (Para)-Kähler-Weyl Structures 91 - 98
Peter Gilkey and Stana Nikčević  
AbstractKeywords: Weyl geometry, Hermitian manifold, para-Hermitian manifold, pseudo-Hermitian manifold, Kähler manifold, para-Kähler manifold, 4-dimensional geometryMSC: 53B05 15A72 53A15 53C07
$C_{\infty}$-structure on the Cohomology of the Free 2-Nilpotent Lie Algebra 99 - 109
Michel Dubois-Violette and Todor Popov  
AbstractMSC: 17B35 17B56 18G10 17D98
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