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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 95 (109)Date: 2014Journal Homepage

Multidimensional Tauberian Theorems for Vector-valued Distributions 1 - 28
Stevan Pilipović and Jasson Vindas  
AbstractKeywords: Abelian and Tauberian theorems, vector-valued distributions, quasiasymptotics, slowly varying functions, Laplace transform, wavelet transform, regularizing transforms, asymptotic behavior of generalized functionsMSC: 40E05 41A27 26A12 40E10 41A60 42C40 46F10 46F12
Optimal Quadrature Formula in the Sense of Sard in $\mathbf{K_2(P_3)}$ Space 29 - 47
Abdullo R. Hayotov, Gradimir V. Milovanović and Kholmat M. Shadimetov  
AbstractKeywords: optimal quadrature formulas, error functional, extremal function, Hilbert space, optimal coefficientsMSC: 65D32
Finite Difference Approximation of a Parabolic Problem with Variable Coefficients 49 - 62
Boško S. Jovanović and Zorica Milovanović  
AbstractKeywords: parabolic initial-boundary-value problem, oblique derivative boundary condition, finite differences, Sobolev spaces, convergence rate estimatesMSC: 65M15
Immersions and Embeddings of Quasitoric Manifolds over the Cube 63 - 71
Đorđe Baralić  
AbstractKeywords: quasitoric manifolds, the cube, the Stiefel-Whitney classes, immersions, embeddingsMSC: 57N35 57R20 52B20
Complex Valued Probability Logics 73 - 86
Angelina Ilić Stepić and Zoran Ognjanović  
AbstractMSC: 03B48 68T37
Unknotting Numbers of Alternating Knot and Link Families 87 - 99
Slavik Jablan and Ljiljana Radović  
AbstractMSC: 57M25 57M27
The Variety of Semirings Generated by Distributive Lattices and Finite Fields 101 - 109
Yong Shao, Siniša Crvenković and Melanija Mitrović  
AbstractKeywords: finite field, distributive lattice, subdirectly irreducible, varietyMSC: 16Y60 08B05 20M07
Binary Relations and Algebras on Multisets 111 - 117
Silvia Ghilezan, Jovanka Pantović and Gradimir Vojvodić  
AbstractKeywords: multiset, bagMSC: 08A99 03C99
Systems of Abstract Time-fractional Equations 119 - 132
Marko Kostić  
AbstractMSC: 47D03 47D06 47D60 47D62 47D99
On the Complexity of (Restricted) $\mathcal{ALCI}r$ 133 - 147
Milenko Mosurović and Michael Zakharyaschev  
AbstractMSC: 68T27 03B70 68T30 68W40 68Q25
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