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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 42_2Date: 2012Journal Homepage

On completely regular ternary semiring 1 - 7
V. R. Daddi and Y. S. Pawar  
AbstractKeywords: ternary semiring; regular ternary semiring; ternary ring; completely regular semiringMSC: 16Y30; 16Y99
Some inequalities on invariant submanifolds in quaternion space forms 9 - 18
S. S. Shukla and Pawan Kumar Rao  
AbstractKeywords: invariant submanifold; quaternion space form; scalar curvatureMSC: 53C40
Extension of ridgelet transform to tempered Boehmians 19 - 32
R. Roopkumar  
AbstractKeywords: Boehmians; convolution; tempered distributions; ridgelet transformMSC: 44A15; 44A35; 42C40
The nested split graphs whose second largest eigenvalue is equal to 1 33 - 42
Marko Milatović and Zoran Stanić  
AbstractKeywords: nested split graph; second largest eigenvalueMSC: 05C50
Two general fixed point theorems for pairs of weakly compatible mappings in $G$-metric spaces 49 - 60
Valeriu Popa and Alina-Mihaela Patriciu  
AbstractKeywords: $G$-metric space; weakly compatible mappings; fixed point; implicit relationMSC: 54H25
Some strongly convergent difference sequence spaces defined by a sequence of modulus functions 61 - 73
Kuldip Raj and Sunil K. Sharma  
AbstractKeywords: modulus function; statistical convergence; paranorm spaceMSC: 40A05; 40C05; 46A45
Locally Finsler $A$-modules over locally $C*$-algebras 75 - 79
E. Ansari Piri and R. G. Sanati  
AbstractKeywords: $*$-isomorphism; locally Finsler $A$-module; locally $C^*$-algebraMSC: 46L08
On a special type of Riemannian manifold admitting a type of semi-symmetric metric connection 81 - 88
Ajit Barman  
AbstractKeywords: semi-symmetric metric connection; almost pseudo symmetric manifold; closed 1-form; irrotational vector field; geodesic; almost pseudo Ricci symmetric manifold; proper concircular vector fieldMSC: 53C25
Hankel determinant for $p$-valent starlike and convex functions of order $\alpha$ 89 - 102
D. Vamshee Krishna and T. Ramreddy  
AbstractKeywords: analytic function; $p$-valent starlike and convex functions; upper bound; second Hankel functional; positive real function; Toeplitz determinantsMSC: 30C45; 30C50
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