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Front Page Review of the National Center for DigitizationPublisher: Faculty of Mathematics, BelgradeISSN: 1820-0109Issue: 37Date: 2020

Mediji i digitalne tehnologije: Radio emisija "Digitalne ikone" 1 - 6
Tamara Vučenović  
AbstractKeywords: Ključne reči: mediji; radio; digitalizacija; digitalne tehnologije; Digitalne ikone; radio emisija
Media and Digital Technologies: the Radio Show "Digital Icons" 7 - 12
Tamara Vučenović  
AbstractKeywords: Media; Radio; Digitization; Digital Technologies; Digital icons; Radio show
Technical, Architectural and Industrial Heritage at the Railway Šid - Dimitrovgrad 13 - 27
Zoran Cvetković, Ada Vlajić and Rifat Kulenović  
AbstractKeywords: Serbian railways; railway history; railway infrastructure; industrial heritage; Orient Express.
Contemporary Model for the Digitization of Archival Records of Scientific Institutions 28 - 45
Marija Šegan-Radonjić  
AbstractKeywords: Keywords.: Digitization of cultural heritage; digital history; digital thematic collections; history of mathematics.

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