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Front Page Review of the National Center for DigitizationPublisher: Faculty of Mathematics, BelgradeISSN: 1820-0109Issue: 22Date: 2013
This volume contains papers presented at the VIII SEEDI conference (Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 17-18, 2012). The guest editor is Zoran Krstulović.

Zoran Krstulović  
Public Access to Copyrighted Materials in Light of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights in Poland: Possibilities and Difficulties 1 - 6
Anna Krzemińska  
AbstractKeywords: copyright, orphan works, archives materials, making available on-line
Has It Been Already Digitized? How to Find Information about Digitized Documents 7 - 14
Tomas Foltyn  
AbstractKeywords: registry, digitization, metadata, records, duplicities
How to Promote and Communicate Collections in Online Environment: Croatian Museums' Practice 15 - 25
Breza Šalamon-Cindori, Marko Tot and Daniela Živković  
AbstractKeywords: museums, museum collection, marketing, communication, digitization, Croatia, Europeana
Interactive Television of Cultural Heritage and Multimedia E-book of Roman Emona 26 - 35
Kaja Antlej, Roman Uršič, Mojca Šavnik and Bernarda Županek  
AbstractKeywords: HTML5, interactive TV, multimedia e-book, 3D content, Roman Emona, heritage interpretation
Identifiers for Digital Heritage 40 - 46
Danijela Getliher and Jasenka Zajec  
AbstractKeywords: digital heritage, digitised publications, identifiers, DOI, ISBN, ISSN, ISTC, NBN, SICI, URN
The Serbia-forum Cultural Heritage Digitization Project with Emphasis on Semantic Indexing 47 - 54
Aleksandar Mihajlović, Vladisav Jelisavčić, Bojan Marinković, Zoran Ognjanović and Veljko Milutinović  
AbstractKeywords: e-encyclopedia, cultural heritage, cultural artifacts, cultural elements, Serbia-Forum, sub-content
New Digitization Workflow of the National Technical Library in Theory and Practice 55 - 66
Jakub Řihák and Kateřina Kamrádková  
AbstractKeywords: digitization, digitization workflow, OCR processing, digital library
OCR Rate Computation in Mass Digitization Programs 67 - 74
Geneviève Cron  
AbstractKeywords: digitization, OCR, Biblithèque Nationale de France, IMPACT project
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