Преглед НЦД 22 (2013), 26–35



Kaja Antlej

IB-PROCADD d.o.o., Slovenia

Roman Uršič

MediaInteractive, Slovenia

Mojca Šavnik

National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bernarda Županek

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia







Abstract: In the last decade an increased number of digitised and digitally born cultural heritage (CH) content in the form of texts, images, sound recordings, videos and 3D models can be observed. This material is frequently disseminated in an incoherent way on various websites. The paper deals with the potential of interactive television (ITV) for aggregation, integration and presentation of different types of CH content. Based on cloud computing and HTML5, the ITV upgraded with tools for social communication and compatibility with the other content management systems (CMS), is becoming a new type of tool for information exchange. Access is possible via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. thus it is not limited to the use of TV sets (four-screen strategy). The ITV of CH (ITVCH) is not just a medium but also a platform for networking of all those interested in heritage content. During the Virtual Emona project, archaeological objects and a model of archaeological site were 3D digitised and published (3D-PDF and metadata) in the Digital Library of Slovenia – dlib.si; they were soon accessible also through Europeana. In this paper, the special attention is paid to the further interpretation of Roman Emona (modern-day Ljubljana) on the ITVCH. The e-book on Emona (i-Emona) including 3D objects from Virtual Emona, is presented. A multimedia e-book can stand alone or it can be one of the integrated content of the ITVCH. It enables setting and publishing of text, video, image galleries, interactive HTML5 animations, 3D objects, questionnaires and external frames therefore it represents a new generation of presentation tools, intended to content holders with less technical skills to share their content with a wider public. Multimedia e-book is based on four-screen platform as well.


Keywords: HTML5, interactive TV, multimedia e-book, 3D content, Roman Emona, heritage interpretation