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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 59_4Date: 2007Journal Homepage

Generalized (co)homology and Morse complex 153 - 160
Darko Milinković and Zoran Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Morse complex, generalized homology, spectral sequenceMSC: 37B30 55T25Zbl: 1199.55014
Correlation analysis: Exact permutation paradigm 161 - 170
Justice Ighodaro Odiase and Sunday Martins Ogbonmwan  
AbstractKeywords: Permutation test, Monte Carlo test, p-value, algorithm, paired observations, correlation.MSC: 62E15Zbl: 1157.62004
Forcing signed domination numbers in graphs 171 - 179
S. M. Sheikholeslami  
AbstractKeywords: Forcing signed domination number, signed domination number.MSC: 05C15Zbl: 1164.05055
Dense sets, nowhere dense sets and an ideal in generalized closure spaces 181 - 188
Chandan Chattopadhyay  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized closure spaces, isotonic spaces, dense sets, nowhere dense sets, ideals.MSC: 54A05Zbl: 1164.54001
Some curvature conditions of the type 2x4 on the submanifolds satisfying Chen's equality 189 - 196
Ana Hinić  
AbstractKeywords: Submanifolds, curvature conditions, basic equality.MSC: 53B25 53C40Zbl: 1164.53014
A note on boundary values for the Poisson transform 197 - 204
Martha Guzmán-Partida  
AbstractKeywords: convolution; weighted distributions; Poisson kernel.MSC: 46F20 46F05 46F12Zbl: 1164.46015
Notes on doubly warped and doubly twisted product Cr-submanifolds of Kaehler manifolds 205 - 210
Bayram Şahin  
AbstractKeywords: Doubly warped product; doubly twisted product; CR-submanifold; Kaehler manifold.MSC: 53C40 53C42 53C15Zbl: 1164.53371
Gluing and Piunikhin-salamon-schwarz isomorphism for Lagrangian Floer homology 211 - 228
Jelena Katić  
AbstractKeywords: Lagrangian submanifolds; Floer homology; Morse theory; gluing.MSC: 53D40 57R58 53D12Zbl: 1224.53120

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