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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 59_3Date: 2007Journal Homepage

Some subsets of ideal topological spaces 75 - 84
V. Jeyanthi, V. Renuka Devi and D. Sivaraj  
AbstractKeywords: Codense ideal, semiopen set, preopen set, I-locally closed set, f_I-set, regular I-closed set, A_I-set, semicontinuity, A_I-continuity, f_I-continuityMSC: 54A05 54A10 54C08 54C10Zbl: 1164.54303
Relations between some topologies 85 - 95
T. Hatice Yalvac  
AbstractKeywords: alpha-equivalent topologies; *-equivalent topologies; semi-open sets, preopen sets, semi-pre-open sets, alpha-open setsMSC: 54A05 54A10 54C08 54C10Zbl: 1140.54002
Invertible composition operators on Banach function spaces 97 - 111
Rajeev Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: Banach function spaces, closed range, composition operators, Fredholm operator, invertibility, measurable transformation.MSC: 47B33 46E30 47B07 46B70
On a type of compactness via grills 113 - 120
B. Roy and M. N. Mukherjee  
AbstractKeywords: Grill, G-compactness, G-regularity, one-point compactification.MSC: 54D35 54D99Zbl: 1164.54019
Signed degree sets in signed 3-partite graphs 121 - 124
S. Pirzada and F. A. Dar  
AbstractKeywords: Signed graph, signed tripartite graph, signed degree, signed set.MSC: 05C22Zbl: 1224.05222
Generalized maximum principles for linear elliptic equations 125 - 134
M. M. Al-Mahameed  
AbstractKeywords: Maximum principles, elliptic equations.MSC: 35B50 35L15Zbl: 1161.35324
Weyl's and Browder's theorem for an elementary operator 135 - 142
F. Lombarkia and A. Bachir  
AbstractKeywords: Elementary Operators, p-hyponormal, log-hyponormal, Weyl's Theorem, single valued extension property.MSC: 47B47 47A30 47B20
Some curvature conditions of the type 4x2 on the submanifolds satisfying Chen's equality 143 - 150
Miroslava Petrović-Torgašev and Ana Hinić  
AbstractKeywords: Submanifolds, curvature conditions, basic equality.MSC: 53B25 53C40Zbl: 1164.53017
Corrigendum to: Spline-wavelet solution of singularly perturbed boundary problem 151 - 151
Desanka Radunović  
AbstractKeywords: Boundary layers, spline wavelets, collocation.MSC: 65L10 65L60 65T60Zbl: 1164.65025

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