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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 60_1Date: 2008Journal Homepage

Centralizing and commuting generalized derivations on prime rings 1 - 2
Asif Ali and Tariq Shah  
AbstractKeywords: Prime rings; commuting and centralising maps; generalized derivations.MSC: 16N60 16S20Zbl: 1187.16036
The resultant of non-commutative polynomials 3 - 8
Aleksandra Lj. Erić  
AbstractKeywords: Polynomial ring; skew polynomial; resultant.MSC: 12E15Zbl: 1199.16047
Local Lipschitz property for the Chebyshev center mapping over N-nets 9 - 22
Pyotr N. Ivanshin and Evgenii N. Sosov  
AbstractKeywords: Chebyshev center; local Lipschitz property; $N$-net; Hausdorff metric.MSC: 54E40 52C35Zbl: 1199.54169
Hypergroups of type u on the right of size five. Part two 23 - 45
Mario De Salvo, Domenico Freni and Giovanni Lo Faro  
AbstractKeywords: Hypergroups; hyperstructures.MSC: 20N20 05A99Zbl: 1187.20070
Ascent and descent of weighted composition operators on L^p-spaces 47 - 51
Rajeev Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: Ascent; descent; measurable transformation; weighted composition operators.MSC: 47B33 46E30 47B07 46B70Zbl: 1217.47048
Une note sur la noethérianité 53 - 57
R. Choukri, A. El Kinani and A. Oukhouya  
AbstractKeywords: Noetherian algebra; l.m.c. algebra; maximal ideal.MSC: 46J10 46J20Zbl: 1199.46113
Hit-and-far-miss Topologies 59 - 78
Giuseppe Di Maio and Somashekhar Naimpally  
AbstractKeywords: Hypertopology, Bombay hypertopology, hit-and-miss, hit-and-far-miss topology, locally finite, discrete, uniformly discrete family, Hausdorff metric, Wijsman topology.MSC: 54B20 54E05 54E15Zbl: 1199.54069

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