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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 43_2Date: 2019Journal Homepage

A Comparison of Conservation Laws of the Boussinesq System 173 - 200
Elaheh Saberi and S. Reza Hejazi  
AbstractKeywords: boussinesq system; conservation laws; direct method; Noether's theorem; Boyer's formulation; Homotopy operator methodMSC: 58J70; 76M60
Some Application on Hurwitz Lerch Zeta Function Defined by a Generalization of the Srivastava Attiya Operator 201 - 217
K. A. Challab, M. Darus and F. Ghanim  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; generalized Hurwitz-Lerch zeta function; Srivastava-Attiya operator; differential subordination; differential superordination; dandwich-type resultsMSC: 30C45; 11M35; 30C10
Fractional Difference Equations of Volterra Type 219 - 237
Jagan Mohan Jonnalagadda  
AbstractKeywords: fractional order; backward difference; Volterra type; convolution; resolvent; boundedness; stability; asymptotic stabilityMSC: 34A08; 39A23; 39A99
$(\sigma,\tau)$-derivations of Semiprime Rings 239 - 246
M. J. Atteya, C. Haetinger and D. I. Rasen  
AbstractKeywords: semiprime rings; prime rings; $(\sigma;\tau)$-derivations; torsion-free rings; commuting mappingsMSC: 16W25; 16N60; 16U80
New Examples of $F$-planar Curves in 3-dimensional Warped Product Manifolds 247 - 257
Ana Irina Nistor  
AbstractKeywords: F-planar curve; magnetic trajectory; warped product manifoldMSC: 53C15; 53C25; 37J45; 37C27; 53C80
Further Improvements of Hermite-Hadamard Integral Inequality 259 - 265
Slavko Simić  
AbstractKeywords: Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality; convex function; mean valueMSC: 26D07; 26D15
Inner Higher Derivations on Algebras 267 - 273
E. Tafazoli and M. Mirzavaziri  
AbstractKeywords: derivation; inner derivation; higher derivation; inner higher derivationMSC: 16W25; 47L57; 47B47; 13N15
Scalar Curvature for Middle Planes in Odd-dimensional Torse-forming Almost Ricci Solitons 275 - 279
Mircea Crasmareanu  
AbstractKeywords: almost Ricci soliton; torse-forming vector field; scalar curvatureMSC: 53C15; 53C25; 53C20; 53C21
Extremely Irregular Unicyclic Graphs 281 - 291
R. Nasiri, A. Gholami, G. H. Fath-Tabar and H. R. Ellahi  
AbstractKeywords: irregularity; vertex degree; unicyclic graphs; treesMSC: 05C05; 05C07; 05C35
A New Pinching for Closed 3-dimensional Hypersurfaces 293 - 301
S. C. de Almeida, F. G. B. Brito, M. Scherfner and S. Weiss  
AbstractKeywords: minimal surfaces; pinching; constant curvature; Chern conjectureMSC: 53C42; 53C40
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