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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 35_2Date: 2011Journal Homepage

Preface 201 - 201
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Invariant structures on the 6-dimensional generalized Heisenberg group 209 - 222
Vitaly V. Balashchenko  
AbstractKeywords: Almost Hermitian structure, $G_1$-structure, Invariant $f$-structure, Nearly Kähler $f$-structure, Homogeneous $k$-symmetric space, Generalized Heisenberg groupMSC: 53C15 53C30 22E25
On hypersurfaces in space forms satisfying particular curvature conditions of Tachibana type 223 - 247
R. Deszcz, M. Glogowska, M. Plaue, K. Sawicz and M. Scherfner  
AbstractKeywords: Pseudosymmetry-type manifolds, Hypersurfaces, Tachibana tensors.MSC: 53B20 53B30 53B50 53C25
Higher-dimensional central projection into 2-plane with visibility and applications 249 - 263
J. Katona, E. Molnár, I. Prok and J. Szirmai  
AbstractKeywords: Projective spherical space, Central projection in higher dimensions, Visibility algorithm, Non-Euclidean geometries by projective metricsMSC: 15A75 51N15 65D18 68U05 68U10
Derivational equations of submanifolds in an asymmetric affine connection space 265 - 276
Svetislav M. Minčić  
AbstractKeywords: Derivational equations, Submanifold, Space with asymmetric affine connection, Induced connection, Pseudonormal submanifoldMSC: 53C25 53A45 53B05
Commutation formulas for $\delta$-differentiation in a generalized Finsler space 277 - 289
Svetislav M. Minčić and Miljan Lj. Zlatanović  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized Finsler spaces, Ricci type identities, Covariant derivative, Non-symmetric connection, Curvature tensor, Curvature pseudotensor.MSC: 53A45 53B05 53B40
On scalar and total scalar curvatures of Riemann-Cartan manifolds 291 - 301
Sergey Stepanov, Irina Tsyganok and Josef Mikeš  
AbstractKeywords: Riemann-Cartan manifold, Scalar and complete scalar curvature, Vanishing theoremsMSC: 53C05 53C20
Four series of hyperbolic space groups with simplicial domains, and their supergroups 303 - 315
Milica Stojanović  
AbstractKeywords: Hyperbolic space group, Fundamental domain, Simplex, Trunc-simplex, Poincarè algorithm, SymmetriesMSC: 51M20 52C22 20H15 20F55
Some geometrical comments on vision and neurobiology 317 - 325
Bart Ons and Paul Verstraelen  
Keywords: Sensation, Perception, Human vision, Helmholtz's brightness illusion, Psychophysics, Casorati curvatureMSC: 91E30 91E99 92C20 53B25
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