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Front Page Journal of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4866Issue: 4_1Date: 2014Journal Homepage

MHD Micropolar fluid flow towards a vertical surface in presence of heat source / sink under radiative heat flux 1 - 25
A. Adhikari and A. K. Maiti  
AbstractKeywords: heat generation/absorption; micropolar fluid; radiative heat flux; similarity transformations; Keller-box method.MSC: 76W05, 76S05
Ciric type $p$-cyclic contraction results for discontinues mappings 27 - 42
Binayak S. Choudhury and Samir Kumar Bhandari  
AbstractKeywords: Menger space; Cauchy sequence; fixed point; $\Phi$-function, $\psi$-functionMSC: 47H10, 54H25, 54E40
Generalizations of Galois and Pataki connections to relator spaces 43 - 75
Árpád Száz  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized ordered sets and uniform spaces; generalized Galois and Pataki connections; continuities of pairs of relations and relatorsMSC: 06A75, 06A15 54E15, 54C60
Hyper-order and Fixed Points of Meromorphic Solutions of Higher Order Non-homogeneous Linear Differential Equations 77 - 95
Maamar Andasmas and Benharrat Belaïdi  
AbstractKeywords: nonhomogeneous linear differential equations; meromorphic solutions; order of growth; hyper-order; exponent of convergence of zeros; hyper-exponent of convergence of zeros; exponent of convergence of fixed pointsMSC: 34M10, 34M05, 30D35
The Neuberger spectra of nonlinear superposition operators in the spaces of sequences 97 - 119
Sanela Halilović and Ramiz Vugdalić  
AbstractKeywords: Neuberger spectrum; Fréchet derivative; superposition operator; spaces of sequencesMSC: 47J10 47H30

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