MHD Micropolar fluid flow towards a vertical surface in presence of heat source / sink under radiative heat flux

A. Adhikari, A. K. Maiti

A steady two-dimensional incompressible magnetohydrodynamics micropolar fluid flow towards a stretching or shrinking vertical sheet under suction or blowing with prescribed surface heat flux is studied in this paper. The transport equations employed in the analysis include the effect of radiative heat flux under mixed convection. Similarity transformation is used to convert the governing non-linear boundary-layer equations to coupled higher order nonlinear ordinary differential equation. These transformed differential equations are solved numerically by a finite-difference scheme, known as Keller-box method. Numerical results are obtained for the velocity, microrotation and temperature distributions, as well as the skin friction coefficient and local Nusselt number for various parameters and then these are shown graphically. Dual similarity solutions are found to exist for the opposing flow, while for the assisting flow, the solution is unique. Suction, applied magnetic field and micropolar fluids delay the boundary-layer seperation and exibit drag reduction as compared to the non-suction, non-magnetic field and classical Newtonian fluid respectively. The present results are compared with available results in literature and found a good agreement with them.