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Front Page Journal of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4866Issue: 3_1Date: 2013Journal Homepage

Carleson measure characterization on analytic $Q_K(p,q)$ spaces 1 - 21
A. El-Sayed Ahmed and A. Kamal  
AbstractKeywords: $Q_K(p,q)$ spaces; Carleson measure; Bloch spaceMSC: 47B33 46E15
Strong Convergence Theorems of Multi-Step Iteration With Errors for Uniformly Equi-Continuous and Asymptotically Quasi-Nonexpansive 23 - 38
G. S. Saluja  
AbstractKeywords: Asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mapping; common xed point; modi ed multi-step iteration scheme with errors; strong convergence; uniformly convex Banach space; uniformly Holder continuous mapping; uniformly equi-continuous mappingMSC: 47H10 47J25, 47H09
Schur Geometric Convexity of Gnan Mean for Two Variables 39 - 59
K. M. Nagaraja and Sudhir Kumar Sahu  
AbstractKeywords: Heronian mean; geometric; concavity; convexityMSC: 26D15
Schur Harmonic Convexity of Gnan Mean for Two Variables 61 - 80
K. M. Nagaraja, P. Siva Kota Reddy and K. Sridevi  
AbstractKeywords: Heron mean; gnan mean; harmonic; concavity; convexityMSC: 26D15
Riemann-Stieltjes Operators on some Weighted Function Spaces 81 - 96
A. El-Sayed Ahmed and Alaa Kamal  
AbstractKeywords: Riemann-Stieltjes operators; weighted Bloch spaceMSC: 47B33 46E15, 30H05
Inclusions for Compositions and Box Products of Relations 97 - 125
Árpád Száz  
AbstractKeywords: binary relations; composition and box products; relational propertiesMSC: 08A02 54E15

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