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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 9_2Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Scope of MPI/OpenMP/CUDA Parallelization of Harmonic Coupled Finite Strip Method Applied on Large Displacement Stability Analysis of Prismatic Shell Structures 741 - 761
M. Hajduković, D. D. Milašinović, M. Nikolić, P. S. Rakić, Ž. Živanov and L. Stričević  
AbstractKeywords: Prismatic Shells, Stability analysis, HCFSM, MPI, OpenMP, CUDA.MSC: 68W10 65Y05
Describing Papers and Reviewers’ Competences by Taxonomy of Keywords 763 - 789
Yordan Kalmukov  
AbstractKeywords: taxonomy of keywords, semantic similarity, objects' description and classification, automatic assignment of reviewers to papers, conference management systems.MSC: 68U15 68U35
Journal evaluation based on bibliometric indicators and the CERIF data model 791 - 811
Dragan Ivanović, Dušan Surla and Miloš Racković  
AbstractKeywords: CERIF, evaluation of scientific-research results, impact factor, CRIS UNSMSC: 68U35 68U15
Ontology-Based Home Service Model 813 - 838
Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu, Hongyan Yun and Linlin Xu  
AbstractKeywords: Smart Home, Home Service, Domain Ontology, Need, FunctionMSC: 68P20 68T30
Automatic Generation of E-Courses Based on Explicit Representation of Instructional Design 839 - 869
Goran Savić, Milan Segedinac and Zora Konjović  
AbstractKeywords: e-learning, instructional design, DSL, automatic course generation, IMS Learning DesignMSC: 97U50 68U35
Recommending Collaboratively Generated Knowledge 871 - 892
Weiqin Chen and Richard Persen  
AbstractKeywords: Recommender systems, collaborative knowledge, knowledge building, emerging learning objectsMSC: 68U35 97U50
A Model-based Approach for Assessment and Motivation 893 - 915
J. Michael Spector and ChanMin Kim  
AbstractKeywords: assessment, complex problem solving, critcal reasoning, mental model, model-facilitated learning, motivation, problem conceptualization, problem representationMSC: 68T30 97U50
Analysis of processes of cooperation and knowledge sharing in a community of practice with a diversity of actors 917 - 941
Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay and Valery Psyche  
AbstractKeywords: community of practice, collaborative research, cooperation, knowledge sharing, time, trustMSC: 91D30 68M11
Web Service Support for Collaboration between Demographers 943 - 960
Mirjana Devedzic, Vladan Devedzic and Sonja D. Radenkovic  
AbstractKeywords: Demography, Web services, collaboration, research, content & knowledge provisionMSC: 68M11 68U35
Exploring the Use of Contextual Modules for Understanding and Supporting Collaborative Learning Activities: An Empirical Study 961 - 981
Lu Xiao  
AbstractKeywords: computer-supported collaborative learning, classroom study, virtual group learning environmentMSC: 97U50 91D30
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