Scope of MPI/OpenMP/CUDA Parallelization of Harmonic Coupled Finite Strip Method Applied on Large Displacement Stability Analysis of Prismatic Shell Structures

M. Hajduković, D. D. Milašinović, M. Nikolić, P. S. Rakić, Ž. Živanov, L. Stričević

This paper presents scope of parallelization in large displacement stability analysis of orthotropic prismatic shells with simply supported boundary conditions along the diaphragm-supported edges. A semi-analytical harmonic coupled finite strip method (HCFSM) is used to solve the large deflection and the post-buckling problems. In the HCFSM formulation the coupling of all series terms highly increases computation time when a large number of series terms is used. Fortunately such computation time increase can be compensated by application of MPI, OpenMP and CUDA approaches to parallelization. This paper shows how these approaches can be applied to HCFSM formulation, and what results can be expected.