Ontology-Based Home Service Model

Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu, Hongyan Yun, Linlin Xu

This paper researches Home Service retrieval and invocation for smart home. We represent ontology-based Home Service Model to retrieve and invoke services according to user’s needs automatically. Firstly by analyzing the context of home service, we differentiate key concepts in the field and analyze the relations among them, and as a result, an upper ontology as a fixed viewpoint for further more detailed conceptualization is achieved. Then by reifying the concepts of the upper ontology, we construct two domain ontologies which are Function Concept Ontology and Context Concept Ontology to annotate the semantic of Home Service from different facets. The Function Concept Ontology is constructed with the guidance of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to annotate the goal of service for automating service retrieval. For service invocation, the Context Concept Ontology is constructed by analyzing the contents that services operate. Finally two scenarios for different types of services are given to demonstrate the usage of the model.