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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 8_4Date: 2011Journal Homepage

An Improved Node Localization Algorithm Based on DV-Hop for Wireless Sensor Networks 953 - 972
Qingji Qian, Xuanjing Shen and Haipeng Chen  
AbstractKeywords: Wireless sensor networks, Node localization, DV-Hop Algorithm, Optimal nodesMSC: 94C15 68M10
Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Localization with Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks 973 - 990
Feng Xia, Xue Yang, Haifeng Liu, Da Zhang and Wenhong Zhao  
AbstractKeywords: Indoor Localization, Energy Efficiency, Wireless Sensor Network, Opportunistic LocalizationMSC: 94C15 68M10
An Energy Efficient and Load Balancing Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks 991 - 1007
Jin Wang, Tinghuai Ma, Jinsung Cho and Sungoung Lee  
AbstractKeywords: wireless sensor networks, hop number, energy efficiency, energy balancing, network lifetimeMSC: 94C15 68M10
A Redistribution Method to Conserve Data in Isolated Energy-harvesting Sensor Networks 1009 - 1025
Peng Liu, Song Zhang, Jian Qiu, Xingfa Shen and Jianhui Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: isolated wireless sensor networks, energy-harvesting, data conservationMSC: 94C15 68M10
A Packet Buffer Evaluation Method Exploiting Queueing Theory for Wireless Sensor Networks 1027 - 1049
Tie Qiu, Lin Feng, Feng Xia, Guowei Wu and Yu Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: wireless sensor networks, queueing network model, blocking, packet buffer capacity, node utilizationMSC: 94C15 68M10
On the Efficiency of Cluster-based Approaches for Motion Detection using Body Sensor Networks 1051 - 1071
Kun-chan Lan, Chien-Ming Chou, Tzu-nung Wang and Mei-Wen Li  
AbstractKeywords: body sensor network, motion detection, energy conservation, KNNMSC: 68M10 94C15
Optimization of Multiple Gateway Deployment for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks 1073 - 1095
Jugen Nie, Deshi Li and Yanyan Han  
AbstractKeywords: Underwater acoustic sensor networks, gateway deployment, transport mechanismMSC: 68M10 94C15
A Distributed Power Management Design Based on MOST Networks 1098 - 1115
Yushan Jin, Ruikai Liu, Xingran He and Yongping Huang  
AbstractKeywords: power management, MOST, notification, distributed managementMSC: 94C15 68M10
An Energy-Efficient Localization Strategy for Smartphones 1117 - 1128
Haifeng Liu, Feng Xia, Zhuo Yang and Yang Cao  
AbstractKeywords: smartphone, energy efficiency, localization, mobile applicationsMSC: 94C15 68M10
Modeling Disease Spreading on Complex Networks 1129 - 1141
Xiangjie Kong, Yu Qi, Xiumiao Song and Guojiang Shen  
AbstractKeywords: complex network, disease spreading, scale-free, contact network, contact tracingMSC: 05C82 91D30
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