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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 8_3Date: 2011Journal Homepage

Building Computers in Serbia: The First Half of the Digital Century 549 - 571
Jelica Protić and Dejan Ristanović  
AbstractKeywords: history of computing, CER family, personal computers, computer industryMSC: 6803 0102
Workflow Specification for Interaction Management between Experts in a Cooperative Remote Diagnosis Process 573 - 590
M. A. Laredj and K. Bouamrane  
AbstractKeywords: E-maintenance, CSCW, Groupware, Workflow, OSSAD, Petri netsMSC: 68U35 90B25
Access Control Framework for XML Document Collections 591 - 609
Goran Sladić, Branko Milosavljević, Zora Konjović and Milan Vidaković  
AbstractKeywords: access control, RBAC, context, XMLMSC: 68P20 68U15
Feature Diagram Formalization Based on Directed Hypergraphs 611 - 633
Miguel A. Laguna, José M. Marqués and Guillermo Rodríguez-Cano  
AbstractKeywords: feature diagram, hypergraph, feature diagram configurationMSC: 68N19 05C65
Integrating Instance-level and Attribute-level Knowledge into Document Clustering 635 - 651
Jinlong Wang, Shunyao Wu, Gang Li and Zhe Wei  
AbstractKeywords: document clustering, pairwise constraints, keyphrasesMSC: 62H30 68U15
Code Cache Management Based on Working Set in Dynamic Binary Translator 653 - 671
Ruhui Ma, Haibing Guan, Erzhou Zhu, Yongqiang Gao and Alei Liang  
AbstractKeywords: Code cache management, Working set, Replacement strategy, Code block, Bounded code cacheMSC: 68Q99 68N99
Data Extraction and Annotation Based on Domain-specific Ontology Evolution for Deep Web 673 - 692
Kerui Chen, Wanli Zuo, Fengling He, Yongheng Chen and Ying Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Deep Web, Data Extraction, Data Annotation, Domain Ontology, Ontology EvolutionMSC: 68M11 68T30
Extracting Minimal Unsatisfiable Subformulas in Satisfiability Modulo Theories 693 - 710
Jianmin Zhang, Shengyu Shen, Jun Zhang, Weixia Xu and Sikun Li  
AbstractKeywords: Satisfiability Modulo Theories, minimal unsatisfiable subformula, depth-first-search, breadth-first-searchMSC: 68Q60 05C85
Indexing Temporal Information for Web Pages 711 - 737
Peiquan Jin, Hong Chen, Xujian Zhao, Xiaowen Li and Lihua Yue  
AbstractKeywords: Web search, temporal-textual query, temporal information, index structureMSC: 68M11 68P20
Parallel Processing on Block-based Gauss-Jordan Algorithm for Desktop Grid 739 - 759
Yizi Shang, Guiming Lu, Ling Shang and Guangqian Wang  
AbstractKeywords: Gauss-Jordan algorithm, desktop grid, data dependence, parallelism, hybrid parallel paradigmMSC: 68W10 15A06
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