Parallel Processing on Block-based Gauss-Jordan Algorithm for Desktop Grid

Yizi Shang, Guiming Lu, Ling Shang, Guangqian Wang

Two kinds of parallel possibilities exist in the block-based Gauss-Jordan (BbGJ) algorithm, which are intra-step and inter-steps based parallelism. But the existing parallel paradigm of BbGJ algorithm just aiming at the intra-step based parallelism, can‟t meet the requirement of dispatching simultaneously as many tasks as possible to computing nodes of desktop grid platform exploiting thousands of volunteer computing resources. To overcome the problem described above, this paper presents a hybrid parallel paradigm for desktop grid platform, exploiting all the possible parallelizable parts of the BbGJ algorithm. As well known to us all, volatility is the key issue of desktop grid platform and faults are unavoidable during the process of program execution. So the adapted version of block BbGJ algorithm for desktop grid platform should take the volatility into consideration. To solve the problem presented above, the paper adopts multi-copy distribution strategy and multi-queue based task preemption method to ensure the key tasks can be executed on time, thus ensure the whole tasks can be finished in shorter period of time.