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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 8_2Date: 2011Journal Homepage

Challenges and Directions in Formalizing the Semantics of Modeling Languages 225 - 253
Barrett R. Bryant, Jeff Gray, Marjan Mernik, Peter J. Clarke, Robert B. France and Gabor Karsai  
AbstractKeywords: model-based tools, modeling languages, semanticsMSC: 68Q55 68T35
Software Agents: Languages, Tools, Platforms 255 - 298
Costin Bădică, Zoran Budimac, Hans-Dieter Burkhard and Mirjana Ivanović  
AbstractKeywords: agent technologies, agent programming languages, agent platformsMSC: 68T42 68N19
SPEM Ontology as the Semantic Notation for Method and Process Definition in the Context of SWEBOK 299 - 315
Miroslav Líška and Pavol Navrat  
AbstractKeywords: software and systems process engineering meta-model, web ontology language, model driven architecture, semantic web, SPEM, OWL, MDA, SWEBOKMSC: 68T30 68N01
Ontology Driven Development of Domain-Specific Languages 317 - 342
Ines Čeh, Matej Črepinšek, Tomaž Kosar and Marjan Mernik  
AbstractKeywords: domain-specific language, domain analysis, ontologyMSC: 68T35 68N15
Domain-Specific Language for Coordination Patterns 343 - 359
Nuno Oliveira, Nuno Rodrigues and Pedro Rangel Henriques  
AbstractKeywords: coordination patterns, software architectures, domain-specific languages, CoordInspectorMSC: 68N30 68T35
From DCOM Interfaces to Domain-Specific Modeling Language: A Case Study on the Sequencer 361 - 378
Tomaž Kos, Tomaž Kosar, Jure Knez and Marjan Mernik  
AbstractKeywords: domain-specific modeling languages, data acquisition, measurement systemsMSC: 68N30 68U35
A DSL for PIM Specifications: Design and Attribute Grammar based Implementation 379 - 403
Ivan Luković, Maria João Varanda Pereira, Nuno Oliveira, Daniela da Cruz and Pedro Rangel Henriques  
AbstractKeywords: information system modeling, model-driven approaches, domain specific languages, domain specific modelling, attribute grammarsMSC: 68U35 68N30
UML Profile for Specifying User Interfaces of Business Applications 405 - 426
Branko Perišić, Gordana Milosavljević, Igor Dejanović and Branko Milosavljević  
AbstractKeywords: user interface, code generation, MDA, UML profileMSC: 68N30 68U35
Formalizing Business Process Specifications 427 - 446
Andreas Speck, Sven Feja, Sören Witt, Elke Pulvermüller and Marcel Schulz  
AbstractKeywords: formal business process rules, temporal logic, model checking, extended graphical-CTLMSC: 68T35 03B44
An Approach to Assess and Compare Quality of Security Models 447 - 476
Raimundas Matulevičius, Henri Lakk and Marion Lepmets  
AbstractKeywords: model-driven security development, modelling quality, PL/SQL, secureUML, UMLsecMSC: 68U35 68N19
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