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Front Page Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4874Issue: 4_2Date: 2014Journal Homepage

Closed and Dense Elements in Semi Heyting Almost Distributive Lattices 97 - 108
G. C. Rao, M. V. Ratnamani and Berhanu Assaye  
AbstractKeywords: semi Heyting almost distributive lattice(SHADL); pseudocomplementation on ADL; closed element; dense elementMSC: 06D99; 06D15
Common fixed point theorems for pairs of single and multivalued $D$-maps and tangential multivalued mappings satisfying contractive condition of integral inequality 109 - 122
R. A. Rashwan and H. A. Hammad  
AbstractKeywords: weakly compatible mappings; property (E.A); common property (E.A); weak tangle point; pair-wise tangential property; commuting and weakly commuting maps; compatible and compatible maps of type (A); (B); (C) and (P); $\delta$-compatible maps; subcompatible maps; D-maps; integral type; common fixed point theorems; metric spaceMSC: 47H10
Construction solutions differential operator type Sturm-Liouvulle border task with linear delay 123 - 128
Ismet Kalco  
AbstractKeywords: Sturm-Liouvulle border taskMSC: 23B24
On decompositions of generalized continuity 129 - 134
Bishwambhar Roy  
AbstractKeywords: $\mu$-open set; $\mu$-locally closed set; $\mu_t$-set; $\mu_B$-setMSC: 54C05; 54C08; 54C10
Anti fuzzy ideal extension of $\Gamma$-semiring 135 - 144
M. Murali Krishna Rao and B. Venkateswarlu  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-semiring; anti fuzzy prime ideal; anti fuzzy semi prime ideal; anti fuzzy ideal extensionMSC: 16Y60; 16Y99; 03E72
Approximate analytical solutions of MHD flow of a viscous fluid on a nonlinear porous shrinking sheet 145 - 155
Vishwanath B. Awati and N. M. Bujurke  
AbstractKeywords: magnetohydrodynamics (MHD); boundary layer flow; shrinking sheet; dirichlet series; powells method; method of stretching variablesMSC: 76W; 76S; 65H; 65L
On $I_{\pi g\beta^\star}$-closed sets in ideal topological spaces 157 - 164
O. Ravi, G. Selvi, S. Murugesan and P. Santhi  
AbstractKeywords: $\pi$-open set; $I_{\pi g\beta^\star}$-closed set; $\beta_I^\star$-open set; $I_{\pi g\beta^\star}$-continuity; quasi-$\beta^\star$-$I$-normal spaceMSC: 54A05; 54C08
Further results on non-linear differential polynomials sharing a small function with finite weight 165 - 178
Abhijit Banerjee and Santanu Dhar  
AbstractKeywords: uniqueness; meromorphic function; weighted sharing; nonlinear differential polynomialsMSC: 30D35

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