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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XIX_1Date: 2016Journal Homepage

An empirical study in the notion of area: a Socratic educational experience anchored in van Hiele's model 1 - 23
María Ángeles Navarro and Pedro Pérez Carreras  
AbstractKeywords: Area; approximation; error; limits; van Hiele's model.MSC: 97I50; 97U50 I54; U54
On a calculus textbook problem 24 - 31
Arkady Kitover and Mehmet Orhon  
AbstractKeywords: optimization problems; isoperimetric problem.MSC: 97I40; 97I60 I45; I65
Geometry and mathematical symbolism of the 16th century viewed through a construction problem 32 - 40
Milana Dabić  
AbstractKeywords: 16th century mathematics; mathematical symbolism; Simon Stevin; construction problemsMSC: 97A30 A35
Does the problem complexity impact students' achievements in a computer aided mathematics instruction? 41 - 55
Eugen Ljajko  
AbstractKeywords: GeoGebra; dynamic worksheets; analytic geometry; students' achievement decay.MSC: 97U50 U54

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