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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 103 (117)Date: 2018Journal Homepage

Einstein--Hilbert Type Action on Spacetimes 199 - 210
Vladimir Rovenski  
AbstractKeywords: Pseudo-Riemannian metric; distribution; variation; mixed scalar curvature; mixed Ricci tensor; mixed gravitational field equationsMSC: 53C12 53C44DOI:
On Geometric Formality of Rationally Elliptic Manifolds in Dimensions 6 and 7 211 - 222
Svjetlana Terzić  
AbstractKeywords: geometric formality; rationally elliptic spacesMSC: 53C25; 53C30DOI:
On Biconservative Hypersurfaces in Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms and Their Gauss Map 223 - 236
Nurettin Cenk Turgay  
AbstractKeywords: biharmonic submanifolds; Lorentzian hypersurfaces; biconservative hypersurfaces; finite type submanifoldsMSC: 53C40 53C42; 53C50DOI:
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