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Front Page Publications of Department of AstronomyPublisher: University of Belgrade, BelgradeISSN: 0350-3283Issue: 6Date: 1976

Results of the Observation of Partial Solar Eclipse on May 11, 1975 61 - 63
V. Ruždjak and K. Pavlovski  
AbstractKeywords: solar eclipse 1975, Hvar
Photographic Determination of Heliographic Coordinates of Sunspots Without Taking Double Photos 65 - 67
Aleksandar Tomić  
AbstractKeywords: sunspots, heliographic coordinates, double photos
Numerical Determination of Approximate True Anomalies in the Proximity of Quasicomplanar Orbits of Celestial Bodies 83 - 88
J. Lazović  
AbstractKeywords: quasicomplanar orbits, numerical determination, anomalies, asteroids
A Contribution To the Analysis of Pairs of Quasicomplanar Orbits of Numerated Asteroids 89 - 99
J. Lazović and M. Kuzmanoski  
AbstractKeywords: quasicomplanar orbit of numerated asteroids
Utilization of Some Technical Achievements for Fundamental Determination of Right Ascension 101 - 109
J. Bem  
AbstractKeywords: earth rotation, VLBI techniques, astrometry
The Vacuum Meridian Marks of Belgrade Observatory 111 - 113
Lj. Mitić and I. Pakvor  
AbstractKeywords: transit instrument, motion of vacuum tube
New International Refraction Tables 115 - 115
J. Teleki  
AbstractKeywords: refraction tables
Some Results of the Current Work on the Catalogue of PZT Programme Stars 117 - 118
S. Sadžakov, D. Šaletić and M. Dačić  
AbstractKeywords: PZT stars, relative coordinates, Belgrade Observatory, catalogue
Observations of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Both coordinates, Made With the Large Meridian Circle of Belgrade Observatory 119 - 121
S. Sadžakov, D. Šaletić and M. Dačić  
AbstractKeywords: visual observations of planets
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