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Front Page Publications of Department of AstronomyPublisher: University of Belgrade, BelgradeISSN: 0350-3283Issue: 6Date: 1976

On the Origin of the Rotation of Celestial Bodies 5 - 8
Pavle Savić  
AbstractKeywords: celestial bodies, rotation
Limb Effect Along the Central Meridian of Solar Disk 9 - 15
A. Kubičela and M. Vukićević-Karabin  
AbstractKeywords: spectral line Fe I, solar disk, limb effect
Polarimetric Analysis of a Slow Flare of AD Leo 17 - 23
J. Arsenijević, A. Kubičela and I. Vince  
AbstractKeywords: polarimetric analysis, AD Leo flare event, refractor
A D. C. Photoelectric Polarimeter 25 - 29
A. Kubičela, J. Arsenijević and I. Vince  
Keywords: polarization
General Properties of the Ap Stars 31 - 34
Margherita Hack  
AbstractKeywords: Ap stars
Hvar Observatory 65-cm Telescope and Some Preliminary Results 43 - 47
Z. Ivanović and K. Pavlovski  
AbstractKeywords: Hvar observatory
Relative Distances of the Components C From the Pair AB in the Visual Triple Systems 49 - 52
Georgije M. Popović  
AbstractKeywords: visual triple system, relative distances of components
New opposition of the Minor Planet 433 Eros 57 - 59
V. Protić-Benišek  
AbstractKeywords: minor planet, 433 Eros, opposition
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