Activity of the Astronomical Observatory "Čolina kapa" With Special Reference to the Sky Atlas Made at Sarajevo

M. Muminović

As is probably known, the astronomical observatory "Čolina kapa" that works as part of the Academical Astronomical Society of Sarajevo, is one of the youngest institutions of the kind in Yugoslavia. Its construction was begun in 1969 and the first phase was completed in 1973. In the first phase, two domes were built - one 10' and one 15' (3 and 4,5 m respectively). In the smaller dome a Cassegrain-Newtonian reflector is mounted. Its diameter is 210 mm. Focal lengths are 105 and 210 cm respectively. There are two astro-cameras attached to this telescope (lenses Taylor-Hobson-Cooke). In the bigger dome there is a Newtonian - reflector. Its diameter is 30 cm (12 inch) and its focal length is 2 m (Over six feet).