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Front Page Publications of Department of AstronomyPublisher: University of Belgrade, BelgradeISSN: 0350-3283Issue: 3Date: 1971

On the Determination of Anomalous Refraction Out of Astrometrical Measurements in the Zenith Zone 5 - 16
G. Teleki and B. Ševarlić  
AbstractKeywords: refraction, astrometry
The Criteria for Homologous Radio Events Associated With Flares 17 - 24
M. Vukićević-Karabin and M. Dimitrijević  
AbstractKeywords: solar flares, sunspots, radio events
The Distortion of the Galactic Plane Emission in the Anticentre Region 25 - 28
J. Milogradov-Turin  
AbstractKeywords: emission, galactic plane, magnetic lines
The Perturbed Motion of Asteroid In Proximity 29 - 35
J. Lazović  
AbstractKeywords: perturbed motion, asteroid

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