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Front Page IMVI Open Mathematical Education NotesPublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 1840-4383Issue: 1_1Date: 2011Journal Homepage

The Effect of War Events on Mathematics Teaching and Learning 1 - 15
Biljana Č. Popović, Sonja T. Šumonja and Bojana D. Dimitrijević  
AbstractKeywords: acquisition of mathematical knowledge, psychological aspects, pedagogical aspects
An Essay on Mathematical Education in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina 17 - 26
Daniel A. Romano and Milovan Vinčić  
AbstractKeywords: mathematics education; aims of mathematics education; structure of mathematics education in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMSC: 97A40, 97B50, 97C60 A40, B50, C60

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