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Front Page IMVI Open Mathematical Education NotesPublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 1840-4383Issue: 2_1Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Bridging K-12 and University Mathematics: Building the Staircase from the Top 1 - 21
Sergei Abramovich and Arcadii Z. Grinshpan  
Didactic Number Theory and Group Theory for School Teachers 23 - 37
Jaska Poranen and Pentti Haukkanen  
AbstractKeywords: long division; decimal expansion; multiplicative group modulo m; didactic mathematics; connection between school and university mathematicsMSC: 97D40; 97F40; 97H40
Teaching Mathematics at Faculties of Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina Viewed Through Teaching and Solving Extremal Problems - a Case Study 39 - 50
Sandra Kosić-Jeremić  
AbstractKeywords: teaching mathematics; mathematical education; Bologna process; extremal problems; application of mathematical knowledge in other sciences; recommendations for improving the teaching processMSC:  97A99; 97A80; 97A30

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