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Front Page Novi Sad Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, Novi SadISSN: 1450-5444 (Print), 2406-2014 (Online)Issue: 34_1Date: 2004Journal Homepage

On primitive $\Gamma$-semirings 1 - 12
Sujit Kumar Sardar and U. Dasgupta  
AbstractKeywords: irreducible; semi-irreducible; faithful $\Gamma$-semimodules; primitive $\Gamma$-semiringMSC: 16Y60; 16Y99; 20N10
Note on the $p$-nilpotency in finite groups 13 - 15
Radoš Bakić  
AbstractKeywords: nilpotent Hall subgroups; splitting criterionMSC: 20D40
Asymptotic behaviour of the solutions of some discrete Volterra equations 17 - 32
Jarosław Morchało  
AbstractKeywords: Volterra difference equations; resolvent; asymptotic propertiesMSC: 39A12; 45E99
Noncommuting $f$-contraction mappings 33 - 37
AbstractKeywords: metric space; fixed point; commuting mapMSC: 54H25
A note on fuzzy characteristic and fuzzy divisor of zero of a ring 39 - 45
Asok Kumar Ray  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy order of an element; fuzzy ideal; fuzzy characteristic; fuzzy divisor of zero; product of fuzzy subsets; fuzzy unit; translational invariant fuzzy subset; fuzzy homomorphism of ringsMSC: 04A72; 2N25
Parameter estimation for uniform maximum process 47 - 51
Miroslav M. Ristić and Biljana Č Popović  
AbstractKeywords: uniform maximum processes; random coefficients; conditional least squares; strong consistency; asymptotic normalityMSC: 62M10
A probabilistic generalization of integrability for positive functions 53 - 60
Octavian Lipovan  
AbstractKeywords: probabilistic measure; probabilistic integralMSC: 54E70
On the implementation of set-valued non-Boolean functions 61 - 70
Lidija Čomić and Ratko Tošić  
AbstractKeywords: set-valued logic; set-valued functionsMSC: 26E25
On conharmonically and special weakly Ricci symmetric Sasakian manifolds 71 - 78
Quddus Khan  
AbstractKeywords: Sasakian manifold; conharmonic curvature tensor; Einstein manifoldMSC: 53C21; 53C25
Operateurs de fermeture semi-commutatifs 79 - 87
Achille Achache  
AbstractKeywords: closures; complete lattices; Galois connections; lattices; fuzzinessMSC: 06A15
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