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Front Page Review of the National Center for DigitizationPublisher: Faculty of Mathematics, BelgradeISSN: 1820-0109Issue: 4Date: 2004
This is special volume with papers presented at the symposium Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage, 16–17 September 2003, Borovets, Bulgaria, held within the frameworks of the International Congress organized by MAthematical Society of SouthEastern Europe (MASSEE) and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (

Edutainment games - homo culturalis vs homo ludens 84 - 98
Kalina Sotirova  
AbstractKeywords: cultural heritage, digitization, computer game, game research, edutainment
Mathematical modelling of monetary minting in mediaeval Bulgaria 99 - 104
Jordan Tabov, Kliment Vasilev and Asen Velchev  
AbstractKeywords: mediaeval Bulgaria, monetary circulation, volume function
Cultural heritage studies - the need for a new integrated educational approach based on visual comparative interpretation of the cultural past 105 - 110
Trifon A. Trifonov  
AbstractKeywords: education, cultural heritage studies, multidisciplinary collaborative educational environment, 3D interactive models, multimodal interaction
The practical sense of philosophizing: why preserve anything at all, even digitally? 111 - 134
Mícheál Mac an Airchinnigh  
AbstractKeywords: artefact, destruction, digital, everyman, questioning, humanism, philosophizing, practical, preservation, sense, technology, theatre, war.
Borovets Declaration: South-Eastern European Network for Digitisation of Scientific and Cultural Heritage 135 - 136
Workshop Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage 2003  
AbstractKeywords: Borovets, declaration, digitization, heritage, south-eastern Europe
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