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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 63_1Date: 2011Journal Homepage

$2$-nsr lemma and quotient space in $2$-normed space 1 - 6
P. Riyas and K. T. Ravindran  
AbstractKeywords: $2$-normed space, locally bounded, compact operator, Riesz Lemma, $e$-bounded operator.MSC: 41A65 41A15
Fixed point theorems for some generalized contractive multi-valued mappings and fuzzy mappings 7 - 26
Ramendra Krishna Bose and Mrinal Kanti Roychowdhury  
AbstractKeywords: Contraction mapping, fixed point, Banach contraction principle, Hausdorff metric, fuzzy set, fuzzy mapping.MSC: 03E72 47H10 54H25
A note on rate of approximation for certain Bézier-Durrmeyer operators 27 - 32
Vijay Gupta and Naokant Deo  
AbstractKeywords: Linear positive operators, Baskakov and Szász basis functions, summation-integral type operators, Bézier variant, rate of convergence.MSC: 41A25 41A30
Weighted composition operators on weighted Bergman spaces of infinite order with the closed range property 33 - 39
Elke Wolf  
AbstractKeywords: Weighted composition operator, weighted Bergman space of infinite order.MSC: 47B33 47B38
A note on star compact spaces with a $G_{\delta}$-diagonal 41 - 43
Yan-Kui Song  
AbstractKeywords: Star compact space, $G_\delta$-diagonal.MSC: 54D20
Certain classes of multiple generating functions for some sets of polynomials in several variables 45 - 54
M. A. Pathan, B. B. Jaimini and Shiksha Gautam  
AbstractKeywords: Lagrange's expansions, generating functions, summation formulae, Lauricella function.MSC: 33C70 33C47 33C65
Radius estimates of a subclass of univalent functions 55 - 58
Maslina Darus and Rabha W. Ibrahim  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic functions, univalent functions, Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, fractional differential operator.MSC: 30C45
Szász-Mirakjan type operators of two variables providing a better estimation on $[0,1]\times[0,1]$ 59 - 66
Fadime Dirik and Kamil Demirci  
AbstractKeywords: Szász-Mirakjan type operators, $A$-statistical convergence for double sequences, Korovkin-type approximation theorem, modulus of contiunity.MSC: 41A25 41A36
Optimal fourth order family of iterative methods 67 - 72
Sanjay K. Khattri and S. Abbasbandy  
AbstractKeywords: Iterative method, fourth order, Newton method, convergence, nonlinear, optimal, derivative.MSC: 41H25 65D99
Coefficient inequalities for certain classes of analytic functions of complex order 73 - 78
B. A. Frasin  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic functions, Starlike and convex functions of complex order, Hadamard product, Coefficient inequalities.MSC: 30C45

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