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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 45_4Date: 2021Journal Homepage

A Subclass of Noor-Type Harmonic $p$-Valent Functions Based on Hypergeometric Functions 499 - 519
Hiba F. Al-Janaby and F. Ghanim  
AbstractKeywords: harmonic multivalent function; convolution product; Noor integral operator; Fox-Wright generalized hypergeometric functionMSC: 30C45; 11M35; 30C10
Perfect Nilpotent Graphs 521 - 529
M. J. Nikmehr and A. Azadi  
AbstractKeywords: weakly perfect graph; perfect graph; chromatic number; clique numberMSC: 05c15; 05C17; 05C15; 05C25
Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Impulsive Delay Dynamic Equations on Time Scale 531 - 542
Gokula Nanda Chhatria  
AbstractKeywords: oscillation; delay dynamic equation; impulse; time scalesMSC: 34A37; 34A60; 39A12
Existence of Solutions for a Class of Caputo Fractional $q$-Difference Inclusion on Multifunctions by Computational Results 543 - 570
Mohammad Esmael Samei, Ghorban Khalilzadeh Ranjbar and Vahid Hedayati  
AbstractKeywords: existence of solution; fractional $q$-difference inclusion; integral boundary value problemMSC: 26A33; 34A08; 34K37
Fractional Order Operational Matrix Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Fractional Volterra Integro-Differential Equations 571 - 585
Amirahmad Khajehnasiri, M. Afshar Kermani and Rezza Ezzati  
AbstractKeywords: hat basis functions; operational matrix; error analysis; block pulse function; two-dimensional fractional integral equationMSC: 26A33; 45G10; 65Gxx
Existence of Positive Solutions for a Class of Kirrchoff Elliptic Systems with Right Hand Side Defined as a Multiplication of Two Separate Functions 587 - 596
Youcef Bouizem, Salah Boulaaras and Bachir Djebbar  
AbstractKeywords: Kirrchoff elliptic systems; existence; positive solutions; sub-supersolution; multiple parametersMSC: 35J60; 35B30; 35B40
On $n$-Absorbing Ideals in a Lattice 597 - 605
Ali Akbar Estaji and Toktam Haghdadi  
AbstractKeywords: lattice; minimal ideal; $2$-absorbing ideal; $n$-absorbing idealMSC: 03G10; 03G99
On co-Filters in Semigroups with Apartness 607 - 613
Daniel A. Romano  
AbstractKeywords: Bishop's constructive mathematics; semigroup with apartness; co-order and co-quasiorder relations; co-filtersMSC: 03F65; 20M99; 06F05; 06D99
On Bernstein-Type Inequalities for Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles 615 - 622
Abdullah Mir  
AbstractKeywords: rational function; polynomial; poles; zerosMSC: 30A10; 30C10; 30D15
Existence of Positive Solutions for a Pertubed Fourth-Order Equation 623 - 633
Mohammad Reza Heidari Tavani and Abdollah Nazari  
AbstractKeywords: fourth-order equation; weak solution; critical point theory; variational methodsMSC: 34B15; 34B18; 58E05
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