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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 45_4Date: 2021Journal Homepage

The Maximum Norm Analysis of Schwarz Method for Elliptic Quasi-Variational Inequalities 635 - 645
Mohammed Beggas and Mohammed Haiour  
AbstractKeywords: Schwarz method; quasi-variational inequalities; weakly subsequenti ally continuous; $L^{\infty}$-error estimatesMSC: 05C38; 15A15; 05A15; 15A18
Some New Inequalities on Generalization of Hermite-Hadamard and Bullen Type Inequalities, Applications to Trapezoidal and Midpoint Formula 647 - 657
İmdat İşcan, Tekın Toplu and Fatıh Yetgın  
AbstractKeywords: convex functions; Hermite-Hadamard type inequality; Bullen type inequality; general integral ineqaulities; trapezoidal and Midpoint formulaMSC: 26A51; 26D07; 26D10; 26D15
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